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Having studied composition and performance of jazz and experimental music as an undergraduate, I went on to explore Arabic and Persian music theory and performance with a focus on the ‘ud afterwards. I now direct the greater part of my musical interests to electronic-acoustic recordings, often as soundtracks for cinema works. In addition to scoring several short films, I have composed the soundtracks to feature length works such as: When I Saw You and Salt of This Sea, (dir. Annemarie Jacir, 2014 & 2009), Until When (dir. Dahna AbouRahme, 2001), Hopefully for the Best (Raed al-Helou, 2004), and Whose Children Are These (dir. Theresa Thanjan, 2005).
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My latest recordings (2015) are with the band Hanooz, a project in collaboration with Ashkan Nasseri and Shirin Mozzafari.
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Cherhrenama, a CD of soundtrack and other work, released by Hermes Records.

The CD is available through iTunes:
Kamran Rastegar

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My soundtrack to the feature film Salt of This Sea:
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